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Light Shining Academy gives students in Irvine, CA the ultimate resource for a better education. Our tutoring services have helped hundreds of students improve their grades through effective teaching methods. Every student learns at a different rate, in a different way, and through a different experience. It is our task to uncover your student’s unique style of learning and work with it.

Schoolteachers often struggle to find time to provide personalized attention, but with our tutors on the job, your student will receive the help he or she needs. Our wonderful tutors include:

• Amelia Alvarez—Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth

• Daniel Bang—Bachelor of Science in Biology From UCLA (tutors biology, • standardized test preparation, and math)

• Sam Chen—Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from UCLA (tutors writing, standardized test preparation, humanities, and college essays)

• Esther E. Cho—Ph.D. in Child Psychology from University of Wisconsin (tutors standardized test preparation)

• Nick Hall—Ph.D. in History from USC

• Cathy Guo—Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from UCSD (tutors AP biology, AP chemistry, and standardized test preparation)

• Rory Laster—Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from UCSC and Masters in Mathematics from Cambridge University (tutors algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, honors trigonometry, and AP calculus)

• Bonifacio Santacruz—Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Spanish Literature from University of Redlands (tutors Spanish, history, ESL, and literature)

• Jacqueline A. Visner—Masters from Yale University

We guarantee we will find the right tutor for your student! Call us today to get started! At Light Shining Academy of Irvine, CA, “We find your student’s strength and maximize their potential!”

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