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Light Shining Academy of Irvine, CA is a full-service tutoring program that helps students of all grade levels, ages, and subject levels foster a love of learning. Our tutors are trained to go above and beyond conventional homework help; they are there to uncover the dormant potential inside of every student.

Math tutoring requires an innovative approach. The ability to deal with numbers and equations seems to develop differently in every student. However, everything can be mastered through a committed and effective approach. Our math tutoring services include:

● Elementary School Programs—Mastering the basics of math is an invaluable first step. It lays the foundation for a student’s academic success going forward. We all remember learning multiplication tables and basic arithmetic, but our tutoring services are designed to reach further. Mental math principles can pay huge dividends in the future. It teaches students a measured approach to problem solving and makes complex processes more approachable.

● High School Math Programs—The high school level math courses we cover include Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Economics. Each involves a varying set of principles built upon the curriculum of the previous course. We ensure students do not fall behind by addressing their unique dispositions toward math.

● Homework Help—The number one fear of many parents is that their students will simply rely on their tutors for homework help and then perform poorly on tests. Our tutors are trained to do just the opposite. We consider their homework needs but only go through assignments to introduce the principles they are learning. The real math tutoring begins when we focus on the systematic problem-solving process and allow them to finish homework on their own.

No problem is too difficult to overcome. Light Shining Academy in Irvine, CA can simplify even the most complex equations into manageable parts. Ask how our math tutoring services can help you today!

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