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Test preparation teaches students the ins and outs of standardized test taking. Standardized tests require more than basic math and English skills; they test a student’s overall aptitude for pattern recognition, processes, and method application as well. Mastering the material in the test is only half the battle.

You must also streamline your test-taking techniques by improving your time management skills, learning how to dissect multiple-choice questions, and interpreting the language of questions carefully. Light Shining Academy in Irvine, CA can help! Our test preparation includes:

● SAT/ACT—If you are thinking about applying to colleges and universities, you will need to take a standardized placement test. Our SAT/ACT test preparation services differ from others because we maintain small class sizes with a maximum of six students. This allows the tutors more time to provide one-on-one attention to each student and to gain a good understanding of their test-taking skills. The students will master good habits that are sure to maximize their scores.

● AP Tests—AP classes teach university-level curriculum in subjects such as calculus, statistics, chemistry, biology, US history, language arts, and more. At the end of the year, students are then given the opportunity to display their knowledge by taking an AP test to receive college credits. Our tutors understand the unique composition of AP tests and are well versed in their subjects of expertise. We give students the chance to start college off right!

Test taking is a skill like any other; by dedicating time and energy to master the unique skillset required to receive high scores, students can turn information into success.

Light Shining Academy of Irvine, CA provides the bridge from comprehension to application. Reach out to one of our friendly tutors about test preparation today!

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